Specifications of our stacking lines:

  • Stacking speed up to 15 layers/min (with continuous stacking);
  • Specialized solutions for various boards sizes;
  • Automated management system, reports preparation of processed boards;
  • Mechanized or vacuum type of stacking/destacking;
  • Possibility to include sticks placers, equipment for package sides alignment, continuous stacking solution. System synchronizes with strapping press and bearers placing.

Our implemented projects

Stacking system for heavy boards

  • Stacking system for big timber.

Re-stacking with vacuum gantry system

  • Restacking speed up to 5 layers/min.;
  • Vacuum type de-stacking system;
  • Manual reject boards sorting;
  • Automated stacking system;
  • Sticks placers.

Unedged boards stacking system

  • Stacking system up to 10 layers/min.;
  • System working with unedged boards;
  • Integrated board flipping system;
  • Boards width measuring system
  • Unedged boards stacking system

Mini bundles stacking system

  • Tilt hoist with layer lowering system;
  • Integrated board flip;
  • Specialized mini bundles stacking system;
  • Automated management system, reports preparation of processed boards.

Lamellas stacking system

  • Line speed up to 80m/min.;
  • Brush system to spread small lamellas to one layer;
  • Automated stacking system.