Specifications of our manufactured conveyors:

  • Various designs chain conveyors;
  • Various designs belt conveyors;
  • Scraper conveyors for bulk materials;
  • Various designs roller conveyors;

Our implemented projects

Chain conveyors

  • Cross chain conveyors;
  • Plastic conveyor chains for planed wood;
  • Curved chain conveyors;
  • Different configuration according to production type.

Belt conveyors

  • Flat profile belt conveyors;
  • Z shape, inclined belt conveyors;
  • Trough type belt conveyors;
  • Solutions for different materials handling.

Roller conveyors

  • Roller conveyors for packs;
  • Tilted roller conveyors;
  • Spiral roller conveyors.

Scissor lift conveyors

  • Option with powered chain conveyor;
  • Option with powered roller conveyor;
  • Configuration according to working load.