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With many years of experience in the woodworking industry and production of mechanized equipment, our team can develop new technologies and modernize existing ones. We offer engineering solutions to optimize and automate your technological processes, designing and manufacturing automated lines for board planing, splitting, sorting, packaging, and specialized operations, as well as various conveyors. Our wide and ever-expanding product range allows us to provide customized solutions for each customer.

Our values

  • QUALITY. We seek the best quality in every process so that the services and products we offer meet the highest standards.
  • RESPONSIBILITY. We build equipment that operates efficiently and smoothly, giving clients confidence to collaborate with us.
  • FLEXIBILITY. We provide tailored engineering solutions. Our flexibility allows us to address the unique needs of each project.
  • EFFICIENCY. We are committed to prompt and efficient actions, ensuring that we respond to every customer with the utmost speed.

Main working spheres

  • Wood processing lines design and production
  • Modernization and renovation of existing processing lines
  • Customized equipment design and production
  • Services for automation and programming
  • Consulting services
  • Supply of spare parts and tools

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