MPM group

MPM company designs and manufactures wood-working equipment (lines) for markets in Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Australia and Pacific countries and the European Union, and also engaging in wood processing technology modernization for other companies.

MPM company’s main business sectors: 

  • Automated wood lines design
  • Automated production lines
  • Modernization and mechanization
  • Consultancy services
  • Reconstruction of the old process lines
  • Trade in used equipment
  • Sale of spare parts and tools
  • We supply programming services

MPM was established in 1999. MPM has achieved good results by focusing on quality, competence and concentrated attention to each client. MPM is a group of professionals seeking to solve complex technological problems of timber processing, creating a new and reconstructing of existing processing technologies. We design and manufacture a log sorting lines, automatic sorting boards stacking / restacking lines, planer lines and other types of processing lines. We help to create and develop an integrated sawmills and glued panel (beam) production. We deliver cutting tools and spare parts, we train and advise of companies staff. MPM company offers a variety of production lines, together with a wide range of consulting services, as well as – energy saving systems and refrigeration / air conditioning oil-injected accessories.


Serve our customers by developing and applying the most advanced automated wood processing technologies. We implement all technological manufacturing processes, ranging from log sorting, log cutting, waste processing , sorting boards paketavimu, stacking/restaking boards and ending with packages ready for the next dispatch in their processing.


We aim to become the authoritative automated woodworking technology solutions providers.


To create added value for our customers, the wood production optimization services. Collaborate with our existing partners, offering our competent professionals in professional technological solutions.